Pioner Multi



50 - 80

Colours : White, Red, Black


The Pioner Multi is designed to handle everything. And it delivers. Many of us have become multi-talented employees in our work; we are expected to be able to handle and fix most things. It can be demanding work. One boat designed and built with that objective in mind – to master demanding conditions and be put to many different uses – is the Pioner Multi.


This tough and agile workhorse is the water’s response to the 4x4: practical, versatile, efficient and robust. It has long been used by the police, fire and rescue services, and the Red Cross, as well as by many trade users whose way of life revolves around the sea or water, such as marinas, fish farmers and divers. It is also used by sheep farmers, hunters and craftspeople.

You won’t find a sturdier, safer boat. The Pioner Multi has a recommended outboard motor rating of 50 to 80 bhp. This gives you the power you need.


The Pioner Multi also puts in a splendid effort as a leisure boat for lakes or coastal waters. It is approved to take a load of 1,122* kilos and has space for up to 10 persons. This gives it a superior capacity whether you are carrying baggage, materials, bicycles, goats or some other cargo.

It is perfect for bountiful fishing trips, lobster expeditions and other exciting hobbies and voyages of exploration.

The bow door can be opened well out to sea, allowing anyone who would like to do so to swim out and play.

Yes, we’re talking Multi.

Boat length530 cm
Boat width215 cm
State the bow door 92 cm
Boat weight430 Kg
Max persons8
Max hp/KW80/60
Shaft lengthLong
Standard colours White marble/Red/Dark line
CertificationsCE category C /Det Norske Veritas
Steering cable300 cm
Control cables350 cm
4550195Small console w/ cable
4514079Windscreen rail for small console
8800995Wide console
8652080windscreen for wide console
8517079Windscreen rail for wide console
4555391A-frame with navigation lights
4555393Back support with cushion
8800528Extra seat box
8555395Cover for console
4515505Safety ladder
8550095Cushion back

Pioner Multi performance test data with Yamaha F70AETL, 70 HP, 2011 Model

Speed Knots
2 6300 29,0 24,2 0,83
2 5800 26,5 19,8 0,75
2 5300 23,6 15,0 0,64
2 4800 20,2 112,0 0,59
5 6100 26,8 21,8 0,81
5 5600 24,2 18,0 0,74
5 5100 21,2 14,6 0,69

Propeller Size in inches13 5/8 x 14-K
Propeller TypeStandard
Propeller MaterialAlu
Gear Ratio2,33:1
Mounting Height36 mm
Air Temperature ° C+15

Always Wear
A Life Jacket while Boating

Det Norske Veritas (DNV GL) checks and approves Pioner’s boats as an independent third party. This gives Pioner users confidence and the ability to enjoy their boating.